DOT Services

We Provide Fast, Accurate and Low-Cost DOT Sleep Apnea Testing and Treatment

Did the department of transportation medical examiner request a sleep apnea test to renew your driver’s license? We can help! We have testing kits available for immediate pick-up or expedited shipping to your location.

  • No prescription needed
  • Easy to use testing
  • Immediate results
  • Standard HSAT – $200.00 (plus HSAT return shipping)
  • Disposable One time use WatchPAT ONE HSAT- $300.00

Call (800) 647-0314 or (909) 987-3535 and arrange to pick up the test or have it mailed to you.

Sleep Apnea Testing, Treatment and Monitoring

If you test positive for sleep apnea, we can provide you with an Automatic CPAP machine for only $899.99. This price includes usage instruction, filters, tubing and 3 years of compliance monitoring. The price also includes smart phone application for self-monitoring and office help when downloading proof of usage for your DOT medical exam. 

All CPAP machines require a prescription. If you do not have a prescription our physician can review your sleep study results and provide you with a prescription for $199.00. If you already have a prescription, fax it to (626) 357- 4300 or text a photograph to (626) 833-8689.  Our customer service team will use your physician’s guidelines to set up your CPAP machine. We can mail the machine to you and schedule a phone call to go over its use or you can come to our office for a face to face set up session.

The set-up session DOT services includes:

  • Mask fitting. 
  • CPAP machine use and maintenance.
  • CPAP supply daily use and cleaning.
  • DOT compliance requirement instruction.
  • Face to face question and answers

What are the most common PAP therapy devices?

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